eDub Unveils latest Tesla Powered Camper Van, and you can Hire it!

Maggie set up for camping

Electric conversion specialist; eDub Services, have released details of their long awaited Tesla powered Classic Camper an it’s an absolute beauty. This conversion showcases the latest technology available to vehicle owners who want to electrify their classic motors. Most of the technology in eDub’s conversions is also available in modern EVs so eDub are really leading the charge when it comes to electrification.

This camper van, named Maggie, started life in the US and lived there until she was imported to the UK in 2013. in fact, Maggie originally came over on the shame shipment as eDub’s original camper: Indie. “After getting stuck into converting Indie all those years ago, we heard of another identical camper that had shared the journey across the pond.” Director Kit tells us; “My mechanic couldn’t miss this opportunity and snapped her up.”

‘She was a classic brown and orange colour originally with very warn interiors but a good shell. Nicknamed ‘Mark’ (as in Mark 2), she was intended for eDub but was sold to a local enthusiast who intended to restore it.”

Many years went by and in 2021, eDub were approached by a customer who wanted to take part in eDub’s Franchise scheme. “I just had to check if Mark was still available, and luckily for us, she was still with the enthusiast, under cover and barely touched!” A deal was made and Mark made his way to eDub HQ in Yorkshire where the restoration began.

In addition to Porsches and Golfs, this isn’t eDub’s first camper van conversion, and eDub are a great historical journey exploring how the electric classic conversion technology has evolved. Maggie is eDub’s 5th T2 to be converted, but shows off the latest in classic vehicle technology. She boasts a 35kWh battery pack which is good for just over 90 miles range per charge. 70kW CCS Rapid charging features have been hit hard by material shortage and will be available early next year with a little upgrade. The Small Tesla Drive unit sits between the rear wheels and has become a staple for eDub. The Unit is capable of 220kW (270BHP) but is derated to 60kW which is still double the power that the VW had originally.

A Small Tesla Drive Unit sits in a custom subframe

eDub’s latest conversion packs feature brand new batteries, nothing reclaimed from salvage yards. “Using new batteries gives our customer’s peace of mind. they have 100% capacity and we know that they’ve come to us straight from the factory, no worries about how they’ve been stored. We can also control the stock too, we don’t have to go bidding for battery packs each time we get a new build”

Maggie is no longer the Brown and Orange she once was. Some of the orange remains in the upholstery inside but the paint has been swapped for a gorgeous light beige and white combo. The interiors are simple and effective. A full width bed folds out from the sofa. A custom cabinet holds a fridge, storage, a sink and an induction hob, meaning Maggie is 100% emission free! In the front, there’s no longer a gear stick or clutch. A small switch changes from forward to reverse. The throttle pedal and dials have all been replaced with replicas, that look original but perform seamlessly with the new electric drive.

eDub offer this conversion for around £55k with a much larger 61kWh battery pack version, with over 160 miles range for around £65k. They can also help you find the perfect camper van to convert. Or, like Maggie, you could purchase an eDub and be part of the eDub Franchise. eDub Services have a vision to place eDubs in every National Park. If you have a great location, and would like to take advantage of this growing and exciting industry, then an eDub Franchise might be perfect.

You can find out more information about hiring Maggie at If you’d like to know more about purchasing or franchising an eDub, then head to

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