eDub Warehouse 1st Anniversary and Tour

After 1 whole year in our new premises, we thought you guys deserved a tour of our latest projects. Rather than a specific look at a finished project, this is behind the scenes, everything that’s going on right now at eDub HQ.

We have a couple of VW Camper Vans, a Golf Mk2 and a BMW 700 in the workshop with a Vespa and some T6.1 projects off site. Please like and subscribe, but best of all; share this video to people who would be interested to see how this exciting industry is taking off.

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Electric Camper Van Hire

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2 thoughts on “eDub Warehouse 1st Anniversary and Tour

  1. Hi we are looking at purchasing an EV in the new year but we love our 2006 E280 CDI Mercedes for it’s ride/comfort & range 850miles to one tank diesel, would it be possible to convert it to electric & is it financially viable?
    We tour a couple of times a year all over Europe so it would need to have a long range (understand range won’t be as it’s now).
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Harry, I’m afraid the DVLA won’t allow conversions of anything newer than 2001. Plus, older cars hold their value much better which makes the conversion more viable. If you wanted to consider converting an older car to electric, then let us know

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