235 Mile Range Electric Camper Van from Yorkshire

CAN YOU IMAGINE A BETTER VEHICLE TO CONVERT THAN A CLASSIC CAMPER VAN? The original ‘hippy wagon’ captures the green culture and deserves to be powered by electrons. This icon of German design has captured the imagination of people worldwide for over 70 years, and that nostalgia isn’t wearing thin. Many early VW campers are in the ‘classic car’ category with prices rising and many industries sustaining them with parts and repairs. But should an engine last forever?

The UK government has announced that by 2030, all new vehicles will be electric. This is ambitious but necessary and not impossible. This is fantastic for modern vehicles, and to help the public move to an electric future, but what about the older vehicles? Enter eDub Conversions.

eDub have been converting classic vehicles since 2013 and have become a UK leader in classic vehicle electrification. Perfectly timed; eDub have unveiled a conversion pack for classic cars, including the classic VW camper vans, capable of achieving 235 miles to a charge with CCS rapid charging in under an hour. eDub’s e80 pack takes the world’s best supply of electric vehicle tech and puts it into the perfect vehicle; the classic camper. 

Picture this; you’re touring the countryside in a classic VW camper but without a cloud of fumes following you. People see you before they hear you and as you approach a hill, you push the throttle down and conquer it with ease. Pull over for a cup of (Yorkshire) tea or stop at the many EV charging stations around our National Parks. There are more public EV charge points than petrol stations in the UK, with many specifically placed at beauty spots so the vehicle charges as you enjoy yourself.

What about the camp site? It’s the perfect location for an electric VW camper. Electricity is already there so plug in and top up as you sleep with the on-board charger. One of the beauties of a VW camper is its versatility. Bumper to bumper, it’s no longer than a Nissan Leaf, and yet, there’s so much space. A camper can be anything you want it to be. A couple’s retreat, a family adventure, or a billboard on wheels; the only limit is your imagination. 

eDub Services aren’t satisfied with just converting Camper Vans. In the works are a Porsche 911 using the e60 pack and a Morris Minor using eDub’s Universal e20 pack. This technology is here to stay and eDub are ready to offer conversions to every classic vehicle owner.

Find Freedom with an electric conversion for your classic car. Visit edubconversions.co.uk to learn more.